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Five African Women to Watch in the Blockchain and Crypto Space.

Mybitstore has launched an annual list of the leading female professionals and entrepreneurs in the African Blockchain and Bitcoin industries for the year 2023 to highlight some of the most influential women in these emerging sectors.

In no particular order, the individuals on this year’s list are all innovative and inspirational leaders who are actively making a difference and carving the pathway for other females to enter and make their mark in a space that has been predominantly occupied and led by men.

These women are using blockchain and bitcoin technology to drive innovation and improve financial services for individuals and businesses in Africa, and are helping to increase the representation and involvement of women in the industry.

Lorine Pendleton – South Africa, CEO and Founder of Block Chain Academy

Lorine Pendleton is the CEO and Founder of the Block Chain Academy in South Africa. The Block Chain Academy is a training and education institution that provides courses and workshops on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Lorine Pendleton is an experienced blockchain and cryptocurrency expert, and her goal is to help individuals and businesses understand the potential of blockchain and how it can be used to improve various industries. She has been recognized for her work in promoting the adoption and understanding of blockchain technology in South Africa and Africa.

Elizabeth Rossiello – Kenya, Co-Founder and CEO of BitPesa

 Elizabeth Rossiello is the Co-Founder and CEO of BitPesa, a Kenyan-based financial technology company that provides payment solutions for businesses and individuals in Africa. BitPesa offers cross-border payment services, mobile money transactions, and payment processing, enabling customers to send and receive payments quickly and easily. Elizabeth Rossiello has a background in finance and business, and her experience in the financial sector has helped her to drive the growth of BitPesa. She is committed to using technology to improve financial services in Africa and increase financial inclusion.

Faith Obafemi – Nigeria, CEO and Founder of Hubcoin

Faith Obafemi is a Nigerian entrepreneur and the CEO and founder of Hubcoin. Hubcoin is a fintech company that provides innovative financial solutions, including digital payments and transfers, remittances, and access to financial services for individuals and businesses in Nigeria. Obafemi is recognized as a leading voice in the Nigerian fintech sector and has been featured in various media outlets for her work with Hubcoin.

Alakanani Itireleng, Botswana – Founder of the Satoshi Centre

Alakanani Itireleng is a Botswanan entrepreneur and the founder of the Satoshi Centre. The Satoshi Centre is a non-profit organization based in Gaborone, Botswana that provides education and resources on blockchain technology and Bitcoin to individuals, businesses, and communities in the country. Itireleng is recognized as a leading voice in the African blockchain community and has been featured in various media outlets for her work with the Satoshi Centre.

Michelle Nsunsumuco Zambia, Founder & CEO of Global Policy House and Senior Advisor

Michelle Nsunsumuco is the Founder & CEO of Global Policy House and Senior Advisor to the Government of Bermuda, a Global Fintech Advisory Board. She got into the cryptocurrency-blockchain ecosystem as far back as 2009.

She has been (and still is) a front liner for growth evaluation in the digital economy, Blockchain/DLT, AI, Quantum computing, and Big Data. She has also conducted research into these technologies with support from major institutions, including African Union, United Nations and the World Bank.

Michelle is a professional blockchain investor and educator. She currently works across the globe to assess the impact of new digital technologies on business, government and female empowerment. She also runs a digital investment business exploring new tech like blockchain and its socio-economic improvement potential.

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