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How to buy BTC and USDT on Mybitstore with Mobile money in 2023

Buying Bitcoin/USDT using the Mybitstore app has been simplified to make your trades fast and secure.

Learn more about buying and selling Bitcoin via USSD.

1. Link a payment method: To buy Bitcoin/USDT, you will need to link a payment method such as a bank account or mobile money that corresponds with the details on your Mybitstore KYC. This process involves:

  • Opening the payment methods
  • Selecting DEPOSIT
  • Adding a payment method
  • Clicking on validate after entering the required details and waiting for approval

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2. Buy Bitcoin: Once your payment methods and KYC details are linked, you can proceed to buy Bitcoin/USDT on the platform and place an order to buy it at the current rate.

  • Select Buy/Sell from the app’s midsection
  • Select Buy
  • Choose the crypto type to buy (Bitcoin, USDT)
  • Enter the amount to buy
  • Select Preview Buy Trade
  • Make payment to the payment numbers/channels stated
  • Enter the Transaction ID from the payment you made
  • Receive your crypto

After buying Bitcoin, it’s essential to store it safely. We highly recommend storing it in Mybitstore’s built-in wallet as it offers high security.

Learn more about buying and selling Bitcoin via USSD.

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