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How to Check Your Bitcoin Transaction Status

How to Check Your Bitcoin Transaction Status

As Bitcoin transactions surge in popularity, users must stay informed about their transaction statuses. Whether you’re sending or receiving Bitcoin, monitoring the progress of your transactions ensures peace of mind and transparency. Here’s a detailed guide on how to check your Bitcoin transaction status.

  • Utilize Blockchain Explorers:

Blockchain explorers are powerful tools that allow users to view real-time data on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Some popular explorers include,, and However, for the purpose of this guide, we’ll focus on accessing Bitcoin’s blockchain through

  • Accessing Bitcoin’s Blockchain:

If you’ve sent or received BTC on your Mybitstore app to check the status of your transaction, visit and navigate to the search bar. Here, you can enter your Bitcoin transaction ID (TXID) or wallet address to track your transaction’s progress.

How to Check Your Bitcoin Transaction Status


  • Key Features of Blockchain Explorers

Blockchain explorers offer a range of functionalities beyond transaction tracking. Users can explore detailed transaction histories of Bitcoin addresses, view receiving and sending addresses, and monitor recently mined blocks for added context.

  • Understanding Transaction Confirmation Time

Bitcoin transactions require confirmation on the blockchain network, which can take varying amounts of time. The duration depends on factors such as transaction fees and network congestion. Transactions may be confirmed within a minute or take several hours to complete.

  • Network Congestion Impact

Network congestion plays a significant role in transaction confirmation times. Transaction processing may be delayed during periods of high network activity, such as market fluctuations or increased adoption. It’s important to remain patient during such times and allow the network to process your transaction efficiently.

While monitoring your Bitcoin transactions, it is crucial to remember that this guide does not constitute professional financial advice. Consulting a financial advisor regarding your circumstances and investment decisions is always recommended.


By utilizing blockchain explorers and understanding the factors influencing transaction confirmation times, users can effectively monitor their Bitcoin transactions and ensure seamless interactions within the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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