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Mybitstore CSR Activities

Mybitsore’s 2023 CSR Activities: Supporting Edward Jones, an orphan at Korle Gono

Mybitsore’s 2023 CSR: Supporting Edward Jones, an orphan at Korle Gono

Mybitstore Technologies has stepped forward to support Edward Jones, via its CSR Activities to a resilient 7-year-old who tragically lost his parents at a tender age.

Mybitstore, the best platform to buy and sell Bitcoin in Ghana, has taken on the responsibility of providing Edward with the care and resources he needs for a dignified living.

Edward resides in Korle Gonno with his grandfather, who has Down Syndrome and can hardly cater for the boy.

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Recently, the Mybitstore team visited Kojo Ababio Basic School, where Edward is a student, and took the initiative to educate the entire student body about Bitcoin. This educational outreach demonstrates Mybitstore’s commitment to making a positive impact not only in the life of Edward through our CSR Activities but also in the community he is a part of.

Benjamin Anderson, the CEO of Mybitstore, expressed the company’s dedication to monitoring Edward’s progress through periodic follow-ups. Anderson emphasized the importance of corporate entities giving back to society and making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Richard Agyiri, the Head of Operations at Mybitstore, echoed this sentiment, calling on Corporate Ghana to join hands in supporting initiatives that uplift and empower the underprivileged. Agyiri emphasized the transformative effect that collective efforts can have on the lives of individuals facing adversity.

Mybitstore’s assistance extends to covering Edward’s daily sustenance, healthcare needs, school fees, and even supplying him with essential school stationery. The crypto firm has gone above and beyond by not only ensuring Edward’s basic needs are met but also investing in his education to secure a brighter future.

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Ernest Pappoe, the Head of Marketing Communications at Mybitstore, highlighted the team’s recognition of Edward’s immense potential. Pappoe stressed that Mybitstore’s CSR Activities commitment goes beyond meeting immediate needs; it aims to ensure that Edward’s light continues to shine brightly, illuminating a path of hope and possibility for his future.

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