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Mybitstore Affiliate Program

Earning money comes in different forms, especially in these times of digital currencies, and the global competition for who controls the market when it comes to crypto. For most crypto trading platforms, the business ends once the trade is over or you are only paid one time, but the Mybitstore affiliate program offers you more than expected.

What is the Mybitstore Affiliate Program?

Our affiliate program is our way of giving back to our customers, and Mybitstore Affiliate Program is one of the highest-paying affiliate programs in Ghana. Unlike other trading platforms, Mybitstore offers the opportunity to earn even after you have completed your transaction. A single transaction can yield anywhere from $1 to $5 depending on the transaction. As a Mybitstore referrer, you will earn when your referrals trade directly with Mybitstore (Over the Counter), and when they buy or sell using the peer-to-peer Trade option.

Mybitstore rewards table

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Mybitstore affiliate program

Learn more about our rewards fees and terms

Mybitstore runs a referral program that includes everyone; the steps are simple

  • Click on the hamburger menu on the top left corner of the app

Mybitstore affiliate program

  • Select rewards from the menu

Mybitstore affiliate program

  • Tap on the (i) Button to access your referral code

Mybitstore affiliate program

  • Select share from the ensuing pop-up and share to all the social media options displayed

Mybitstore referral program

Mybitstore affiliate program

The Mybitstore referral program offers you limitless earnings on all the commissionable transactions of your referrals.

Exchange your gift cards on Mybitstore for bitcoin

In simple terms, once the persons you refer trade above a certain limit, you would be rewarded financially.

This offer is limitless and has no time frame.

Benefits Of Being A Mybitstore Affiliate

  • Paid In Cryptocurrencies
  • Lifetime Commission
  • Get Direct Access to People You Refer
  • Convertible Commission to Cash
  • Withdrawable At anytime
  • Unlimited Earnings


Referrals are an easy way to make limitless money on trades, by taking the simple act of inviting others to download and trade.

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