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Mybitstore 2.0 the process, your experience

The Mybitstore process as the team likes to call it, is inspired by the choices, responses, and decisions you make while trading cryptocurrencies on the Mybitstore App. Our continuous effort to understand and provide a service that is tailored to meet your specific needs on the app led to the launch of Mybitstore 2.0.

The Mybitstore process as the team likes to call it, is inspired by the choices, responses, and decisions you make while trading cryptocurrencies on the Mybitstore App.

What is Mybitstore 2.0?

Research is a crucial aspect of what we do at Mybitstore. It provides the insights needed to create an app based on real data rather than assumptions.

Mybitstore 2.0 is a real-time update intended to serve your trading needs through the following:


  1. Flawless Design

Design can make or break the trading experience. After all, it’s the way the app looks, feels, and functions. To create a unique app navigation process, we developed a new interface on the following to make the app visually pleasing based on things that appeal to your viewing


  • A great first-time experience

The new update hooks the user from the start with pleasing onboarding to help them understand how to use the app and the value it provides.

  • Humanized designs

Mybitstore 2.0 makes you feel as though you were interacting not with the software but with a human. The team achieved this using personalization, expressive illustrations and visuals, functional animations, micro-interactions, and meaningful UX copies.

  • Minimized cognitive load

The team has significantly reduced cognitive load to create a pleasant experience on Mybitstore 2.0. This was achieved through the minimization of load by keeping the design simple, familiar screens, easy navigation, consistent design, and chunking huge tasks into bite-sized.

  1. Performance and Stability

Mybitstore appreciates your need for a quick, smooth and snappy performance while trading.

We have cleared delays associated with load time or any lags and crashes that can ruin your experience. And they won’t mind leaving the app or even uninstalling it.

To achieve this, we focused on quality development and followed the best practices. Here are some of the things we considered

Followed best coding practices

  • Optimization, resizing and caching images
  • Improved the app startup time
  • Minimized the memory consumption
  • Optimized the app for various devices (especially low-end devices)

  1. Rigorous Testing

 Your Mybitstore app has to perform well on various standards. This includes different functional and non-functional parameters such as usability, performance, stability, security, etc. And has been developed to maintain it across myriad devices, screen resolution, and usage scenarios.


  1. Security

Since the majority of the activities on your Mybitstore app include financial transactions, chatting, and storing private data, and are done on mobile devices the team prioritized security. It’s an indispensable part of your app.

An unprotected app with poor security is vulnerable to compromising critical user data such as personal information, payment data, etc. So it is the responsibility of the team at Mybitstore, to safeguard your data as well as the app’s reputation.

Here are some of the primary mobile security requirements that your Mybitstore app follows.

  • Proper encryption for data storing and sharing
  • Use of HTTPS and SSL protocols for transferring data between apps and servers

  1. Excellent User Support

To help you better understand the app, our team promptly answers queries and solves problems


The Mybitstore 2.0 is a combination of both user and business-centric elements. For you, it creates value, provides a delightful experience, and great performance while for us at Mybitstore it provides the satisfaction of seeing you trade happily.

This symbiotic relationship is the reason we would never relent in our effort to give you the best Bitcoin and USDT trading, and conversion on Mybitstore.

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