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Use Case Scenario: Utilizing Cryptocurrencies Purchased on Mybitstore

Sarah’s Cryptocurrency Usage

  • Sarah: A user of the Mybitstore app
  • Mybitstore App: An app for buying and selling Bitcoin


  • Sarah has installed the Mybitstore app on her smartphone.
  • Sarah has created an account and verified her identity on the Mybitstore app.
  • Sarah has successfully purchased Bitcoin using the Mybitstore app.

Main Flow:

  1. Sarah opens the Mybitstore app on her smartphone and logs in using her credentials.
  2. Upon logging in, Sarah sees her cryptocurrency wallet balance, including the amount of Bitcoin she has purchased.

  1. Sarah decides to explore the various ways she can utilize the Bitcoin she has purchased.
  2. Sarah thinks through different use cases for her Bitcoin on Mybitstore, including:
  1. Online Shopping: Sarah can visit partnered online stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. She can browse through products, select items she wishes to purchase, and proceed to the checkout where she can select Bitcoin as the payment option.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Sarah can send Bitcoin to friends, family, or acquaintances who also use Bitcoin wallets. She can initiate a transaction by entering the recipient’s Bitcoin address and the desired amount to transfer.
  3. Investment Opportunities: She explores information and resources and investment opportunities using Bitcoin. She can access news, market trends, and recommended investment platforms to make informed decisions.
  4. External Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The app allows Sarah to trade her Bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies. She can explore different cryptocurrencies available for trading, view their exchange rates, and execute trades within the app.

  1. Sarah chooses to try online shopping with her Bitcoin. She taps on the partnered online store section of the app.
  2. The app displays a list of online stores that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Sarah selects one store that offers products she is interested in.
  3. Sarah navigates through the online store, selects items she wishes to purchase, and proceeds to the checkout.
  4. At the checkout, Sarah selects Bitcoin as the payment method. The app generates a unique payment address or QR code for the transaction.
  5. Sarah initiates a Bitcoin transaction from her Mybitstore wallet by entering the payment address or scanning the QR code.
  6. The Mybitstore app verifies the transaction and notifies Sarah and the online store of the successful payment.
  7. The online store processes the order, and Sarah receives a confirmation of her purchase.

Alternative Flow:

5a. Sarah decides to explore other use cases mentioned earlier or chooses to hold her Bitcoin as a long-term investment.


  • Sarah has successfully explored and utilized her purchased Bitcoin through the Mybitstore app.
  • Sarah has made a purchase on a partnered online store using Bitcoin as the payment method.
  • The app updates Sarah’s transaction history and wallet balance accordingly.
  • Sarah can continue using the app to manage her Bitcoin holdings, explore additional use cases, or engage in further trading or investment activities.

Additional Features:

  • The Mybitstore app provides resources, educational materials, and support for users to learn more about cryptocurrencies and their various applications.
  • Users can track their transaction history, view detailed transaction records, and monitor the current value of their cryptocurrency holdings within the app.
  • The app offers security features such as multi-factor authentication, wallet encryption, and password protection to ensure the safety of user funds.


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